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August 3, 2005: TV Guide Claims Dean Cain Likely to Appear on “Smallville”

The "Ask Ausiello" section of the TV Guide Online claims that there's a very likely chance Dean Cain (who starred as Superman on the 1990s TV series "Lois & Clark") will appear in season 5 of "Smallville".

    Q: What have you heard about Dean Cain returning to Las Vegas? And is it true that he's in talks to guest-star on Smallville? Kristin at E! Online says so.

    Ausiello: My frienemy Kristin's right - there's a 75 percent chance the onetime Man of Steel will pop up on Smallville this fall as - what else? - a love interest for Lois Lane. His Vegas comeback, meanwhile, is 99 percent certain; look for him to reappear in Episode 7.

Rumor has it that Dean Cain is set to be cast as some kind of Prince who sweeps into Smallville and sweeps Lois Lane (Erica Durance) off her feet. It's claimed that Warner Bros. are interested in signing Cain to a 3 episode deal, with the first of those to air in November.

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