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September 28, 2005: “Smallville” Season 5 Preview Review

SciFi.com managed to get an early look at the premiere episode of Season 5 of "Smallville", and have posted a preview review of the episode. The review contains MANY SPOILERS, so don't read it if you don't want to know what happens in the episode before you watch it for yourself. Here's a small segment of the review (which does contain some minor spoilers)...

    In Alaska, Clark throws the artifact into the snow, and the Fortress of Solitude emerges from the ground. He enters the structure and is told by Jor-El that "a dark force from Krypton has been awakened, and its sights are set on Earth." He tells Clark he must study with diligence, because it is the only way to save the planet.

    However, just as Clark begins his training, a nearly frozen Chloe finds her way into the Fortress. Clark knows he has to save her, but Jor-El tells him he must be back before the sun sets. Clark makes the promise he will return on time. However, as Clark races to save those he loves and heads toward Smallville, he soon discovers that keeping his promise to Jor-El may be more difficult than he thought.

Read the complete preview review at SciFi.com.

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