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June 28, 2005: Official Announcement - “The Adventures of Superman” Season 1 DVD

Warner Home Video has sent out their formal announcement for the long-awaited DVD release "The Adventures of Superman - The Complete 1st Season". Scheduled for an October 18th release, the set will contain the following Special Extras:
  • Superman and the Mole Men theatrical movie
  • Featurette: "From Inkwell to Backlot" retrospective
  • Vintage George Reeves short
  • Original Kellogg's Cereal TV spots
  • Commentary Tracks by Super-Experts (details to be announced)

This 5-DVD set runs 662 minutes in the original full-frame black-and-white video and mono audio soundtrack. Subtitles in English, French, and Spanish are flying your way along with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Cost is US$39.98 SRP. Here's the official description of the release:

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! The legendary Man of Steel, last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton lives on earth, assuming the secret identity of Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet. But with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, he battles for truth and justice as Superman. This is the first Superman TV series! Originally aired in the 1950's, it featured George Reeves as Superman and enjoyed tremendous success during its broadcast. The TV series premise was established a year before its broadcast via the theatrical release of "Superman and The Mole Men" in 1951.
    Disc 1
  • "Superman on Earth"
  • "The Haunted Lighthouse"
  • "The Case of the Talkative Dummy"
  • "The Mystery of the Broken Statues"
  • "The Monkey Mystery"
  • "A Night of Terror"

    Disc 2
  • "The Birthday Letter"
  • "The Mind Machine"
  • "Rescue"
  • "The Secret of Superman"
  • "No Holds Barred"
  • "The Deserted Village"

    Disc 3
  • "The Stolen Costume"
  • "Treasure of the Incas"
  • "Double Trouble"
  • "Mystery in Wax"
  • "The Runaway Robot"
  • "Drums of Death"

    Disc 4
  • "The Evil Three"
  • "Riddle of the Chinese Jade"
  • "The Human Bomb"
  • "Czar of the Underworld"
  • "The Ghost Wolf"
  • "Crime Wave"

    Disc 5
  • "Unknown People, Part 1"
  • "Unknown People, Part 2"

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