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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Young Justice" Comics

Young Justice #14

Young Justice #14

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 21, 2012

Cover date: May 2012

"Under the Surface..."

Writer: Kevin Hopps & Greg Weisman
Penciller: Christopher Jones
Inker: Christopher Jones
Cover: Christopher Jones & Zac Atkinson

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Deep in the Atlantic Ocean an Atlantean fearing for his life seeks a hiding place from a group of hunters. Hiding in the shadows of rock and coral doesn't help and the poor soul is confronted by a bloodthirsty army of hooded hunters.

In the Mount base Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis bid farewell to Kaldur and as he prepares to leave he asks M'Gann and Superboy if they would like to visit his city. They accept but enquire why the offer wasn't made to the others. Kaldur points out tactically that only the three of them were physically capable of traveling to the bottom of the ocean.

Superboy heads towards the teleporter but Kaldur guides them instead to M'Gann's bio ship and so they head to the Atlantean city Shayeris. Superboy needs breathing apparatus to get around but the boys are both impressed with M'Gann's ability to adapt as she grows gills and leads them out into the sea.

It is not long before the three visit Kaldur's home and meet Sha'Lain'A and Calvin Durham, a warm welcome is offered especially when they discover both Miss Martian and Superboy are able to speak Atlantean albeit through telepathy and G Gnome education. Calvin warns his son that if he visits Poseidonis there are rumors that trouble is brewing there.

The reception they receive is a warm one. Queen Mera and Prince Orm offer kind greetings and though Orm puts down Arthur's adventures as Aquaman, Kaldur'ahm is quick to stand by his King. Orm apologizes and directs them to the source of the rumors in Atlantis... The Conservatory of Science.

There to meet them are Kaldur's former classmates, Ronal, Blubber, La'Gaan, Lori Lemaris and Nanaue the King Shark. M'Gann enquires as to the diversity in Atlantis and Kaldur reveals its origins. Millennia ago, Atlanteans were all humans but when the continent sank they turned to magic and science to survive. Evolution and mating over time resulted in their diverse culture.

La'Gaan is very inquisitive of Superboy and M'Gann asking if they are typical humans but his answer is one of public display as M'Gann shape shifts to copy Lori's appearance as a mermaid. Superboy can barely hide his feelings.

Though Lori and La'Gaan are welcoming, Ronal and Blubber are not. Nanaue can barely contain his thirst for blood when meeting Superboy but the arrival of fellow students Tula and Garth distracts them all. M'Gann spots Kaldur's heart breaking as he noted Tula and Garth are lovers. She telepathically whispers this to Superboy but before they can offer support yet another student arrives. Topo, a squidboy, arrives terrified after being attacked and scarred with a message.

Tula translates it from ancient Atlantean: "Impure".

On the surface, in Bar Harbor, at the Windward Home of Assisted Living Dr Jim Lockheart is instructed to leave by a strange man. Reluctantly Lockheart finds he can't control his motor functions and does as he is told. The compulsion even causes him to ignore pain and he leaves behind his walking-frame.

Back in Poseidonis, Kaldur discovers the dark rumors... Purists attacked Topo. Purists resemble humans and have no gills, just like Tula and Garth. Anyone remotely fishlike is being intimidated to leave Atlantis. King Shark wastes no time in confronting a group of Purists. Superboy and M'Gann step in and pull Nanaue away from the group leader. Again King Shark resists his urge, but is hard pushed when Superboy threatens him for his actions.

As there is no solid proof the hooded hunters are Purists, Kaldur steps into the middle and is dismayed when his former classmates and the purists, not wanting 'Earthers' involved, view them as enemies and swim in opposite directions.

As the purists return home they explain what had happened to their leader. He is happy that Aqualad intervened as he inadvertently protected them. Their anonymity was their best weapon in their campaign of terror, so says Ocean Master!

His evil plan? To clear the impure from Atlantis ready for when Arthur returns to his throne and holds them in high regard for doing so. He urges his followers to continue their campaign and as they leave in disguise, Ocean Master removes his helmet to reveal his real identity... The duplicitous Prince Orm.

Back on the surface, this time in Queens Memorial Cemetery, Lockheart finds himself being forced to dig up a grave, that of Danette Reilly. The stranger smiles as the body of Danette Reilly is revealed and a body in remarkable condition is unearthed despite being buried over three years ago.

In Poseidonis, the hunters sneak into the Kingdom, paving the way for their leader to enter the bedchamber of Queen Mera...

To be Continued...

5Story - 5: There is so much to love here, the nods to the many diverse characters pulled from all corners of the undersea world of the DCU. We also gain deeper access into the life of Kaldur, his origins and his deeply emotional struggle. I'm also glad that for 'newbies' they have touched upon all the origins without it seeming like a rehash and using light dialogue in places to do it.

I'll say it again... these guys should be writing the mainstream DC.

5Art - 5: Not much I can gush about that I haven't already. But some of the scenes are very notable. Showing M'Gann shapeshift and the facial expressions of Kaldur just look superb.

3Cover Art - 3: A bit of a busy cover this month, so much text and so many people mean you don't know where to look. Disappointing for a book that is proving to be exceptional.

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