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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Young Justice" Comics

Young Justice #12

Young Justice #12

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 18, 2012

Cover date: March 2012

"The Pendulum"

Writer: Greg Weisman
Penciller: Luciano Vecchio
Inker: Luciano Vecchio
Cover: Christopher Jones & Zac Atkinson

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Kaldur is struggling to let go of his life and loves back in Atlantis and concentrate on his new life as leader of the covert Justice League. His lack of mental control prompts Megan to nudge his team psychic link back into action as they walk through Gotham City sewers. Why? Earlier that day Batman and Robin are clay soaked, video linking to The Mount and much to Superboy's annoyance, the great 'Dark Knight' is ordering them to follow up on his case to track a dangerous new foe.

Earlier in the day at Wayne Enterprises Bruce received a package presented by Lucius Fox and a security detail. The large drum was scanned and security checked by Lucius, who assured Bruce it was just full of mud... Or clay. At that moment Clayface bursts out and attacks them. Clearly confused as to 'what has happened to him' and his orders to attack he flails around smashing the offices and security staff. Batman and Robin appear but they too take a severe beating before Clayface bursts out of the windows and escapes down a drain. Leaving, a disheveled Dynamic Duo to collect samples and a make a quick exit.

Back to the finale last issue and we find Clayface crawling from the Lazarus Pit calling for Talia. Sensei attacks as Clayface grabs Talia while Ra's and Ubu return to investigate the commotion. Sensei reveals it to be a Shadow soldier, Matt Hagen and Ra's, who is able to mentally control Hagen, orders him to sleep and liquify before instructing Sensei and Ubu to ship him to Batman as reward for his destruction of the lens. As they leave he requests an explanation from his daughter.

Another flashback reveals a confrontation long ago between Talia and her father. Ra's wanted his daughter to be with her worthy suitor, Batman, the Detective but his daughter was torn. Talia loved Batman but though he loved her, Batman could never get over the fact that Talia was an Al Ghul. Something she longed for was a man that saw her as just Talia, the woman. Matt Hagen, one of Ra's soldiers offered just that and so her father relented but with the warning that shadows were shallow by their very nature.

The romance was like a fast, whirlwind of passion, but also heartbreaking. Matt revealed he had terminal cancer and his true motivations of romancing came to the fore. He sought a cure and believed the Lazarus Pit would help. Talia refused, crushed that her new lover was to die but Matt worked hard to convince her. "Who else could access the Pit but an Al Ghul?", he pointed out. Her heart churned with those words and she granted his wish.

She snuck Matt into the Pit chamber and instructed him to submerge himself in the pit. It wouldn't just cure him, but make him immortal. Overjoyed by the thought of a cure Matt entered but what he didn't suspect was that his lover would lock him in the pit for a fate worse than death. Realizing her father was right Talia pursued a romance yet again with Batman and yet again he spurned her.

Today, now, we return to the sewer and find the team being swamped by a sea of clay as Hagen attacks!

To Be Continued...

5Story - 5: See last issue I knew I had been too hasty with a low rating, with mysteries explained, it and this issue, are a solid 5/5! Now I wish it was double sized! This is by far the best DC book out there. Despite the fact Young Justice hasn't featured heavily in the past two issues, the build up is making this arc, and the series as a whole, very, very enjoyable. Greg Weisman ought to be creative director at DC Comics because he obviously gets the characters and DC Universe more than the repeat rebooters.

5Art - 5: Luciano Vecchio may be only on a guest stint but has left a fantastic legacy for the series. Clayface looks brilliantly savage, deadly and also tragic at the same time. None of the characters have a drastic departure from the style already introduced in the book or the companion show.

5Cover Art - 5: A full home run this issue, Clayface looks like more than enough of a challenge for the covert League!

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