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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl Comics

Supergirl #6

Supergirl #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 15, 2012

Cover date: April 2012

"The End of the Beginning"

Writer: Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Penciller: Mahmud Asrar
Inker: Mahmud Asrar

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Kara remembers training to fight with a robot on Krypton, as part of her "finals trials", but her father interrupts and says she is a scientist and has real studying to do. Her robot instructor worries she won't pass the finals, and Kara laments at how she's failed as she hangs from Reign's sword.

Kara tries to remove the sword from the wall, but all her powers seem to be gone.

Some tourists take photos by the Statue of Liberty in New York, when Reign arrives. She tells a police officer to tell the planet's leaders to assemble their finest weapons in the center of the city, and they will have the honor of dying first.

Kara's parents appear to her, either as a figment of her imagination or as ghosts, and help Kara remove the sword from the wall and tell her that her power will never leave her heart, and she flies away as they say they'll always be with her.

Reign is destroying tanks in New York, when Kara shows up and fights her. Reign has placed a giant force field over the city so that no one may interrupt their fight, including Superman. And then suddenly there's three more worldkillers with her, to assist in fighting Kara.

3Story - 3: This is really starting to fall apart for me. It took Kara how long to reach Argo City? Unknown, but she only made it there with a portal from the sunstone, which was destroyed.

Reign leaves and arrives on Earth very quickly... okay fine, maybe she's ridiculously fast. Kara hangs from the sword, not enough power left to free herself. Then with either the encouragement of ghosts or figments of her imagination, she removes the sword and gets off Argo before it's destroyed. That works fine, it's her last-ditch effort with almost no power left.

But then KARA is somehow instantly back on Earth, and is beating the crap out of Reign, and that just doesn't work.

How'd she have enough energy to get home? How'd she get back INSTANTLY when she was flying for a long time in space, and only made it to Argo with a portal? And how did she have enough strength to punch Reign hard enough that it busted up concrete walls?

Even if you work under the assumption that the INSTANT yellow sunlight hits her skin, all her powers are back at full capacity... that doesn't explain at all how she got home. She was alone in space with no power left. It's absolute zero. There's no air pressure. There's no air. And how far did she have to go?

There's no way she could have made it home, let alone in the blink of an eye. You can't strand Kara in space with no power left AND have her behaving like she's fully powered at the same time. And even at full power she could never get back to Earth instantly. All of New York would have been destroyed by the time she got there.

And when did Reign put up the force field? It couldn't have been there before Kara arrived, because if it could keep out Superman it would keep out Supergirl. So she put it up after Kara arrived, but after Kara arrives all she does is talk and fight.

It just didn't feel like this issue was planned very well; there's a number of holes that bring it crashing down.

4Art - 4: Still loving the work here, stilling thinking Kara's lower half and all of Reign are absolutely RIDICULOUSLY designed.

Oh wait, one of the new Worldkillers has breasts, so there's another female. And her design is... thigh-high boots and a bathing suit. With cleavage.

Well why wouldn't it be?


3Cover Art - 3: What a perfect way to highlight just how goofy Kara's boots are! But perhaps not the best angle to choose for a character showing that much leg, with a glowing red crotch on her costume.

If nothing else, it should at least help illustrate how out of place the lower half of that costume really is. Eeesh.

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