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Mild Mannered Reviews - Supergirl Comics

Supergirl #7

Supergirl #7

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 21, 2012

Cover date: May 2012

"Graduation Day"

Writer: Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Penciller: Mahmud Asrar
Inker: Mahmud Asrar

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Bridges

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Reign monologues about how she and the other Worldkillers were stolen from their native planets and experimented on by Kryptonians in a secret lab, and is saying all this so Kara will know who kills her (uh huh). Getting squished in the battle, Kara lets a burst of yellow sunlight out of her body to expel her attackers.

They battle further and Kara seemingly disembowels one of them with her heat vision, though later said Worldkiller appears intact. They fight some MORE and Reign asks Kara to join her again, this time in exchange for sparing Earth. Kara refuses, more fighting.

Kara uses one of the Worldkiller's powers against another, and wounds it. Reign says she can't lose even one of them and leaves, but not before another long monologue about how they'll come back stronger than before and how there were five chambers in the lab they were created in, but only four of them, so who and where is the fifth Worldkiller?

2Story - 2: I'll tell you why this has dropped down from even being middle-of-the-road mediocre for me: nothing happens. The pacing on this book has been wonky from the start, and every issue is filled with 2 pages of story and 20 pages of pointless monologues and fight after fight after fight.

Fights are only interesting when they mean something, and when you have this many every single issue, they all blend together and it's just action on top of action on top of action with no character or plot.

Why would Kara keep letting Reign monologue? Especially at the end, when Reign decides the fight should stop since one of her friends got hurt. For seven issues this Kara has been someone who punches first and talks second (or never), but when someone who has repeatedly attacked her decides to stop fighting because Kara might win, Kara just... stops? And lets Reign blab on and on and ON?

That's not the character they've set up in this book so far, alas. This Kara would have smashed Reign's face in, and at this point I would have condoned it because I am so sick of Reign babbling and revealing her plans and history like a villain from an 80s cartoon. It would be therapeutic to see her face crushed.

If you condensed all 7 of these issues into, say, 3 issues, then you'd have a story moving along at a good pace without all the needless padding and incessant, repetitive, pointless, stake-less fighting. I didn't even bother to mention the names of the other Worldkillers because it makes no difference what their names or powers are. They're just plot devices.

Reign is, too, at this point, and she lacks any sort of personality or character. For that matter, I'm not sure why Reign needed her three cohorts, because wouldn't it have been more impressive if Kara had that much trouble just fighting Reign? Then, later on, you can bring in three more and it actually seems like more of a threat...

We need less fights, less monologues, and less caption boxes of Kara thinking in text exactly what we can see from the art, which happened again here.

If the ground is blurred and there's a big RRRRRRRRRRUUUMMMMBBBBBLLLLE sound effect over it, and Kara's looking at it in shock, what does a caption box of "The ground... What's happening to the-?" add?

Absolutely nothing, and it's just one example of many in this issue and throughout the run of the book. There's been way too much of that for my taste.

4Art - 4: Love the art, hate Kara's design and the Worldkillers just look goofy to me. But if you have to have goofy-looking characters, at least they're executed really well.

3Cover Art - 3: A bit on the dull side. Kara surrounded by monsters with no personality, oh no! Eh.

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