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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Superman" Comics

Superman #10 Superman #10

Superman #10

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 27, 2012

Cover date: August 2012

"Secrets & Lies" - Part 2

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Dan Jurgens
Inker: Jesus Merino
Cover:Ivan Reis, Eber Ferreira & Rod Reis

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Lois and Jimmy confront Morgan Edge over his decision to pursue the secret identity story. He refuses to back down and Lois decides to join Jimmy on the beat to chase the story of Superman's secret life.

At the time of the Spence Becker story breaking Superman is doing his best to battle Anguish. Superman is amazed that this super powerful foe wants nothing but a locket. She shrugs off the attack of armed forces and Superman's attempt to melt the sidewalk to 'glue' her in place and reveals she can control her density.

Superman snatches the locket and Anguish tells of her origin. Her abusive stepfather who, having mistreated her for years, had taken her mother's locket and the only picture she had as a final torture, and had it locked in the safety deposit box, forever out of her grasp. Somehow the stress unlocked her density abilities leading us to today.

In the tussle between Anguish and Superman the locket is smashed and Anguish swears revenge. A PGN billboard screen broadcasts the Becker story and Anguish decides to equal the loss. Shannon Becker, her daughter and Spence are all facing the brunt of the expose with Shannon's home under siege from reporters.

Before Superman can give chase, Lois and Jimmy arrive to grill him. He is shocked that they are following up such a bogus story thinking back to the Nimrod storyline (happening in Action Comics at the moment). Superman points out that all this stupid sensationalist journalism has done is endanger an innocent family, as he races off to intercept Anguish.

Spencer Becker arrives and begs Lois to retract the story but learns his wife and daughter are in danger. Jimmy ponders the quick arrival and exit of the accused but shrugs it off as the trio decide to follow Superman to Becker's home.

Vic Barnes forces his way into the Becker home pushing his theory on the family in the hope they would confirm his observations. Despite his investigation being shot down at every turn by Shannon, Vic refuses to believe the facts but the shocks keep coming as Anguish arrives burning with anger.

Superman soars in and saves the family. Anguish follows them outside before knocking Vic out. Anguish smashes up the media news vans scaring the reporters and civilians away. Taking the woman by surprise Superman explodes from the ground knocking Anguish to the floor before she is able to prepare her density. He dodges her attacks and then surprises her again with the locket, repaired by his own heat vision.

Superman offers to help Anguish to control her abilities with the aid of S.T.A.R Labs and though she is touched by the offer she refuses and fades away into the darkness of the rain...

Superman stands and is greeted by a frightened Spence Becker. With the two in one place the media realize the stupidity of the story and prepare retractions. As Spence is reunited with his family he meets a dizzy Vic who screeches that Spence must be a clone or an android. Spence responds by breaking the hack reporter's jaw while Superman and Lois share a moment which Jimmy ruins with a crass joke.

Elsewhere, the submarine's cargo is finally revealed to be in Russia after Superman's dramatic rescue. At the snow covered base two officials arrive at the facility and unlock the doors. The cargo that had been hidden from Superman has killed everyone in the facility and now with a blood soaked hook it kills the two new arrivals...

To Be Continued...

3Story - 3: A decent enough story but over all there were some elements that tarnished it. First off the solicits. The book calls her Anguish, the press releases call her Masochist. Doh. Then onto the story. First the forced link to the Nimrod story... Does Grant Morrison dictate Superman story lines? Then onto the snide jibes as Superman's pre New 52 existence, ok we get that the marriage is gone. The love life is gone. Both families are dead. But why trash it with jibes? Some of the best Superman story lines involved those three elements in some form. My final niggle? After dismissing Jimmy's continued theories throughout the story as cheesy humor we get Superman using his heat vision to repair a CRUMBLED gold locket... And wow the paper photo inside was unharmed... If we're going to talk silly story elements... I'd swap the Kents and a solid love life for Clark any day over his amazing master jeweler skills and bad mood.

3Art - 3: The art is a mixed bag. At times it looks stunning and then at others Superman's neck stretches more than a Gingold addict. It is a consequence of course of two artists battling to let their styles shine through but it's annoying to see the vast differences in design from panel to panel. I did think Anguish looked pretty good though I just like a bit of consistency.

5Cover Art - 5: Ivan Reis, Eber Ferreira & Rod Reis hit it out of the park. Probably one of my favorite Superman covers since the reboot.

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