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Mild Mannered Reviews - "Superman" Comics

Superman #9 Superman #9

Superman #9

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 23, 2012

Cover date: July 2012

"Secrets & Lies"

Writer: Keith Giffen & Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Dan Jurgens & Jesus Merino
Inker: Rob Lean & Iban Coello
Cover:Ivan Reis, Eber Ferreira & HiFi

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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The Bering Strait. Superman catches the news coverage of a Russian sub with a hull breach sinking deeper into the ocean. Going to work with heat vision Superman repairs the damage while inside the crewmen though grateful, worry their secret cargo might be discovered by the Man of Steel.

Meanwhile over at the PGN headquarters, Lois is listening to a story pitch from gossip blogger, Victor Barnes. His theory is that Superman disguises himself as a mere mortal, hiding amongst us. Lois brushes off the story and annoyed Victor vows to offer irrefutable proof of his theory. A goofy Jimmy, dismisses the theory when Lois elaborates on Barnes' abrupt exit.

The sub, now surfaced, is safe and secure but Superman is perturbed that the crewmen tell him to go on his way. Superman scans the ship and discovers several added lead chambers, before he can question the crew, military helicopters arrive. Suspicious, Superman honors their request and leaves.

In Metropolis National Bank, a leather clad woman named Anguish smashes her way into the safety deposit boxes. Specifically looking for a pendant, Anguish swears it was her own property and all she was after as she races out of the bank. The police try to stop her but find her untouchable, by hand or bullet!

An angry Victor is tracking the man he believes is Superman in disguise and is shocked to see the report of Superman saving the sub, LIVE. Shrugging off the impossibility as super speed Victor plans out his next move, selling his story to someone above Lois.

Clark arrives at PGN and swiftly empties the message cache of Lois and Jimmy whining on his smartphone. Hoping to sneak in he walks directly into what he was hoping to avoid, a whining session from Lois. Clark insists he never knew he was meant to meet up with Lucy and is taken aback when Lois insists he pay for dinner with the Lane sisters tonight at Carlini's to make up for his mistake.

Jimmy receives a text about Anguish and her robbery which Clark uses as his cue to head to the rescue. At the same time, Victor negotiates with Morgan Edge over the secret identity story, the businessman agrees to overrule Lois' decision.

Now in his costume, Superman arrives and tries to stop Anguish in her tracks, only to discover her intangibility at being touched and her rock solid punches when she want to inflict pain. Heat vision has no effect either and the fight that Superman is losing is interrupted by a report on Superman by Victor Barnes.

At the same time Victor identifies software developer, Spence Becker as the hero masquerading as a man. Spence and his coworkers are taken aback by the expose, but nobody can deny that Spence and Superman share an uncanny resemblance.

The media exposes more details, including the fact Spence is a father, ergo Superman too.

This catches the attention of Anguish as she holds Superman's weakened body.

To Be Continued...

4Story - 4: A MUCH better storyline this issue, I'll overlook the "Jumbotron" because it flowed really well and didn't divert too much from the past issues so far. Surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did considering the past two issues. Jimmy is the loss of a point, he actually felt quite modern and less 'comedy moron' previously but suddenly has devolved. Consistency please.

3Art - 3: The art is strange. One minute it is what I'd deem classic, the next, particularly when it comes to facial expressions, is not sitting right. Obviously it is down to two artists mixing their styles but sometimes the art looks like it is struggling to jump between them both.

4Cover Art - 4: A brilliant cover spoiled by the cheesy text. If it wasn't for that text it would have been a solid winner.

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