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December 16, 2010: Kevin Spacey Talks About Playing Lex Luthor

Kevin Spacey ScreenRant.com attended a recent press event for Kevin Spacey's latest film "Casino Jack", and asked him whether he'd be interested in reprising the role of Lex Luthor for Zack Snyder's up-coming Superman movie...

    "They haven't called. All I hear is what you probably hear too. All I know is that when I hear a reboot, I assume they're going to recast everybody. But, yah, in principle, there was already supposed to be a second one but it never happened. It's their option. But I had a blast doing it. My suspicion is they're going to reboot the whole thing."

    Even if he only got to play Luthor in one film, Spacey is proud of the direction, and risks, that Singer explored in Superman Returns - but was also sympathetic to fans who might have been frustrated by the liberties the team took:

    "I'm a huge fan of Bryan Singer's. I thought the movie did pretty damn well.It's always one of those things where because it's such an important franchise to so many people, and they're so devoted to it, that you're always going to end up with people who didn't like it or liked it or liked (a certain) part."

Read the complete report at ScreenRant.com.

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