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June 28, 2010: Cary Bates Recalls "Superman V: Superman Reborn"

Chris Reeve Fans of the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies may not realize that a 5th installment was being planned. Cary Bates recalls to Newsarama.com how his idea for the never-made "Superman V: Superman Reborn" would have involved Brainiac...

    "It was during my tenure on that [Superboy TV] series that I showed Ilya a treatment I had written on spec the previous year for a Superman movie," Bates said. "The premise involved a new take on the whole Brainiac-Kandor portion of the Superman mythos. As it turned out, Ilya and his father Alexander Salkind had already been considering returning to Superman since the one-picture option they had given the Cannon group (which resulted in Superman IV) had expired. Using my treatment as a starting point, they commissioned me and Mark Jones [the other story-editor on the Superboy series] to write a full script."

Check out the complete article at Newsarama.com.

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