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August 26, 2010: Ohhhhhh Boy. This is Gonna Be A Hard One.

Seeing as the Superman Homepage is and remains a family friendly website, where cursing and other things are kept to the barest of minimums, I now struggle with one of the most difficult pieces of news I've ever had to put in the site.

Today something was announced that I can't properly touch upon without accruing spontaneous emissions of anger and misconstrued moaning from our more sensitive readers.

To that end, I am going to now refer you to the "click here" below, and if you indicate with your pointer that this is where you want to go, you will be affirming, firstly, that you are wanting to read a story item about a mature concept that may be deigned offensive, and secondly, that you don't hold this page liable for what you're going to read.

Comments are also disabled, for obvious reasons, and no commenting on this will be allowed below other stories, so that the choice to read this story is yours and yours alone. Any mention of it on the comments is RIGHT OUT.

The reason we are posting this news item is because it is so broadly relevant to the community at large that it would be a disservice not to show what we've got. With that in mind, click below at your own peril... or don't. I really advise you don't. So does Steve. In fact, forget I even wrote this.

All right.

Now that you're here, (and please, please, be eighteen years of age if you read on... I don't want nasty letters from mothers...

Vivid Entertainment, the adult film company behind the Batman XXX parody, is now planning on doing a similar parody, this time involving a satire of the Man of Steel.

The feature, which will be called Superman XXX: A Porn Parody, will feature Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, Kristina Rose, Zoe Voss, and Andy San Dimas as Lois Lane, according to the article on CBR.

According to Bleeding Cool, which has a picture of the star in costume, the video will feature a qualified parajumper for aerial maneuvers. Yoinks.

The film will parody the Donner Superman, and is set to feature Dale DaBone in the role of Jor-El.

It is set for a November, um, release.


No word on if this Superman will have a son.


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