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July 13, 2010: Is Jonathan Nolan Directing Superman?

Superman Movie News Last week we reported that we'd heard a rumor that Chris Columbus was being offered the job of directing the up-coming Superman movie. Today there's another rumor doing the rounds via GeekTyrant.com, this one claiming that Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan is directing...

    According to our sources,Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan is currently the unannounced director of theSuperman reboot film. Word on the lot is that he is attached to direct the film, and has been on the studio lot working on pre-development stuff. It's also confirmation ofa rumor that started back in February of this year. It was said at the time that a key reason behind Chris Nolan's producing role is to help out his brother.

As they state, this rumor surfaced back in February, but with no official word from Warner Bros. yet, we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.

GeekTyrant.com also claims that Zachary Levi, from the NBC TV show "Chuck", has audition for the movie, possibly for the role of Superman, but that seems highly unlikely to me.

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