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May 18, 2010: Brandon Routh Talks About New Superman Movie

iF Magazine caught up with Brandon Routh to ask him about his role playing Daniel Shaw on NBC's super spy show CHUCK. Here's an excerpt from the interview in which Brandon talks about the new Superman movie...

    While Routh certainly would don the cape and tights for another Superman movie, things are still up in the air - especially now that THE DARK KNIGHT helmer Christopher Nolan is on board to produce and shepherd another reboot, which would likely mean Routh would be out.

    "There's talk about doing another SUPERMAN movie, as of yet, but there's nothing done," says Routh who says he was proud of his tenure in the role no matter how future movies shake out. "I love the character and I feel I still have a lot more I could with the character. I trust the [role] will always stay with me. It was a proud moment for me. I wouldn't be here without it and wouldn't have been in this position I'm in as quickly as I did."

Check out the entire interview at ifmagazine.com.

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