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September 18, 2010: Del Toro Turned Down Directing Next Superman Movie

Guillermo del Toro Deadline New York is reporting in an interview with director Guillermo del Toro ("Blade II", "Hellboy") that he was presented with the opportunity to direct the next Superman movie and turned Warner Bros. down. Here's a piece of the interview with Del Toro where he's asked about Superman:

    DNY: As director, you could have gone to work for Warner Bros, doing a Wizard of Oz movie, and, I've heard, the studio wanted you to resurrect Superman...

    Del Toro: There were other projects [he laughs].

    DNY: That's diplomatic. Why did you instead choose At the Mountains of Madness, a much harder picture to get greenlit?

    Del Toro : I came out of The Hobbit, and it was the biggest heartbreak I've experienced as a filmmaker, because I will never know what that movie would have been. I was very mindful that I didn't want to have a rebound movie, as happens sometimes when somebody comes off a long romance.

Read the interview with Del Toro here.

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