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Eva Marie Saint

March 21, 2010: Eva Marie Saint Recalls "Superman Returns"

In an interview with Chicagoist.com, Eva Marie Saint thinks back to her time playing Martha Kent in "Superman Returns".

    C: Was Superman Returns your most recent role?

    EMS: Yes. I had such a good time! I kept saying to Bryan Singer, "I love doing this role and I love being in Australia--but why can't I fly too?" My favorite dream, and I'm sure a therapist would love tearing this apart, was always flying. For years and years I would go to sleep and I loved whenever I dreamt I was flying. I said to Bryan, "That's my favorite thing, flying, why can't my own son teach me how to do that? You know, fly over the farm?" And he said, "No, that won't work." I asked him that about once a week but I couldn't break him down.

You can read the complete interview at Chicagoist.com.

Thanks to Charles Coletta for the link to this interview.

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