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October 13, 2010: Zod "Just a Rumor" for Superman Movie

Superman Movie News In Rome, Italy to promote his new film "Legend of the Guardians", Zack Snyder spoke to BadTaste.it about directing the up-coming Superman movie, and put on hold any talk of General Zod being the main villain for the film. Here's a portion of the interview (translated from Italian)...

    You were recently chosen as the director of Superman. What have you done to defeat other talented directors and what are you planning to do with this new version?

    I'm not sure what I've done, it wasn't like a run race, which would have been easier to do. Anyway, I think that you have to do your best to describe this world and that the character of Superman needs to be relevant again, without disrespecting his mithology. That's my goal.

    The general Zod will be the villain of the movie or it's just a rumour?

    For now it's just a rumour.

Source: BadTaste.it.

Meanwhile, AintItCool.com claim that Brandon Routh recently told them that "Thomas Tull, head of Legendary pictures, had sent him some super duper Physical Trainer to get him into full on SUPERMAN shape again".

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