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November 27, 2010: Casting Not Yet Started on Superman Movie?

Superman Movie News The Geek Files claims that casting for Superman for the up-coming movie has not yet begun, contrary to reports posted elsewhere on the internet...

    A source now tells The Geek Files that, contrary to reports, "casting has NOT started" at Warner Bros.

    Our source added that the studio are "not re-creating anything or anyone that has been done or seen before, such as Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh". The studio is going for "a new look altogether", we were told.

Both they and ComicBookMovie.com spoke with Superman hopeful Anderson Davis.

    MrDCU: Are you looking at applying or going for the role of Superman in The Man of Steel?

    Anderson: From my understanding this will be a large casting. I'm sure they will strip LA and NY clean until they have found their guy. I have a team of people keeping their eyes and ears open regarding castings start-up.

    If so what do you think you can bring to the character that other actors wouldn't? Would you look to Christopher Reeve's portrayal for inspiration or go in a completely different direction?

    Though I love Reeve's portrayal I would try to take it down another path, Superman is such an iconic character who has a foundation of based beliefs, keeping that foundation but not being afraid to explore the possibilities of the character would be a lot of fun. Superman was also a human, therefore he was flawed. I think to see him as a perfect being all the time just makes the character lack reality. He needs true human emotion, be a person we can relate to and that same to look up to as our hero.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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