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June 27, 2010: Brandon Routh Talks "Superman Returns" and "Smallville"

Brandon Routh Brandon Routh has participated in a fan Q&A via BrandonRouth.com and answered questions relating to the new Superman movie, his portrayal in "Superman Returns", and whether he'd ever appear on "Smallville".

    What special qualities do you think your portrayal of Superman will be remembered the most in the history of the character?

    I did my best to uphold the version of Superman that Christopher Reeve so wonderfully portrayed. That was my job, to somehow continue that same feeling in a film that was pretty much a sequel of sorts.

    Well, in "Returns" Supes goes through a lot! I always wanted to make sure he never got down, or depressed, but was always searching for some way to fix the problem, some way to overcome the obstacles. I view him as an amazing philosopher, although we never really get to hear any of this, it comes out through his actions and the way he approaches challenges.

    Also, my intentions were to keep him flowing at all times. When walking or flying, he would always have grace because it was nothing for him to move, it should be effortless. I guess, unless you are lifting a boat, or a plane...or...New Krypton.

    Um.. maybe have Brandon Routh star on Smallville? Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, and Tom Welling have all played Clark Kent. Brandon Routh is the only Clark Kent that hasn't starred on Smallville

    Would be fun, but perhaps a it might be a little bit strange since my portrayal of Superman was more recent than the others.

You can read the complete Q&A at BrandonRouth.com.

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