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October 3, 2010: Armie Hammer Talks Never-Made JLA Movie

Justice League AintItCool.com conducted an interview with Armie Hammer, and asked him about the never-made Justice League of America film in which he was cast to play Batman. Here's a few excerpts from the interview...

    Quint: I'm fascinated by that stuff, the "almost happened," the "What if" stuff and just the idea of George Miller doing a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie still... I think it's going to go down as one of the saddest "This didn't happen" things ever.

    Armie Hammer: And dude I saw it all. Like I saw the prevised fight sequences. I saw the entire storyboarded film that he had in a room ten times the size of this room with storyboards floor to ceiling, so you walked around the entire room and read the movie like a comic book. What he did... He created something that was so magnificent and put so much work into it, the fact that it never got a chance to be seen by daylight or appreciated by those who really would appreciate this more than anything else... I mean he was bringing in the psychology of these characters more than anyone else ever had.

Read the complete interview at AintItCool.com, especially the part where he mentions DJ Catrona as Superman.

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