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April 21, 2010: "Dark Knight" Producer Talks Superman Movie

Michael Uslan, executive producer on the Batman films, told MTV.com that he had "nothing to share" regarding the up-coming Superman movie, but did say he had high hopes for the project...

    "I think there are great things happening in the DC universe," said Uslan when asked about Nolan taking over the Superman movies.

    "I remember when 'Star Trek' first came out as a big motion picture," he said. "I couldn't wait for that big motion picture that was one of the most expensive films ever made at the time. But I was bored to death during the movie. They spent so much money, and excuse the pun, but it was like an alien experience compared to the 'Star Trek' I knew and loved."

    "And then they came back," he continued. "They figured out what went awry, and they came back with 'The Wrath of Khan.' It was a kick-ass movie that brought back a villain from the show, it was action-packed, and it was something that the guys could all really get into. I would hope that Superman will have his own 'Wraith of Khan' in the years to come.'"

You can read the full report at MTV's Splash Page.

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