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March 4, 2010: Stunt Coordinator Talks "Justice League: Mortal"

Before the movie was put on an indefinite hold, "Justice League: Mortal" was in early pre-production with director George Miller, who had hired Richard Norton as stunt coordinator/fight choreographer. Richard spoke with EarthsMightiest.com about his time working on the film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    EARTHS MIGHTIEST: I know you were only on the project for three months, but could you take me through what your process was during that time period?

    RICHARD NORTON: My deal is to do background. When you're presented with different characters, I try to find out what information is out there on the characters in the way of comic books or things they've been in before. One of the challenges for me is that you have seven leads, and the action that applies to each of them has to be different or it blends one into the other. That's a task in itself, because normally you have, like, one good guy and a good bad guy. But when you've got seven leads like that, all superheroes with various powers, my job was to find out what are those powers? You have to start to put together what their possible actions are. Batman being a mortal, of course, if he has a huge fight with Superman, how does that work? What could a character like Batman bring to a battle of that nature? Wonder Woman is probably the closest to Superman as far as having superpowers, so that would be a different approach. So my job was to try and really get into my head, "What are they capable of doing? What are they're strong points? What are they're weak points?" Like Aquaman. He's great in the water, but on land would he have a lot of trouble moving around, like a fish flailing on the docks [laughs]? I like the process because you're not just throwing anything out there.

Check out the entire interview at Earth's Mightiest Fansites.

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