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March 19, 2010: Nolan Talks Superman But is Quiet on JLA Movie

MTV's SplashPage caught a moment with Christopher Nolan at ShoWest the other day, and asked him about his involvement with the new Superman movie...

    "We're producing the [Superman] film and David Goyer had a terrific take on the story," Nolan told MTV News during this week's ShoWest convention. "I've been working on the story with David, and he's going to go off and write it, and we'll see where it goes."

    However, Nolan was far less verbose when it came to the possibility of Superman and Batman appearing on-screen together in a potential "Justice League" movie - a possibility we discussed here on Splash Page back when Nolan's involvement was initially rumored.

    "I can't really talk about other things," smiled Nolan when asked if "Justice League" is any more likely now that he's guiding the destinies of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

See the video interview at MTV's website.

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