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October 21, 2010: Another Zack Snyder Interview About Superman

Superman Movie News Telegraph.co.uk grabbed an interview with Zack Snyder during his recent tour across Europe and the U.K. to promote his film "Legend of the Guardians" and asked him about his up-coming Superman movie.

    You're directing the next Superman movie: that's quite a gig. How do you feel about taking on the superhero that everyone loves?

    It's very exciting. Do I feel responsible? Look, as a fan, I want to make it awesome, so in that way I feel responsible. There's an amazing film in there to be had, and I'm excited to get at it.

    You're working with Christopher Nolan, director of the last two Batman films (and the next one). Is there a conflict of interest there? Batman v Superman?

    He is a generous and amazing talent and, as a producer, super-supportive even in just the few weeks we've been talking about it.

    What can you say about it at this stage?

    Nothing. It's very early in the process and it's going to be famously guarded. So there's very little to be said other than I'm a huge fan and I'm excited to get started on this.

    It's going to be a reboot of the franchise...

    In the sense that it doesn't really owe anything to what's happened before cinematically.

    And apparently you're getting $175 million to play with...

    I have no idea. Nobody has said anything to me about that, but I'll quote that at them. It's a good place to start in the negotiations.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk.

In another video interview Snyder also told Empire Online that he's so excited about working on Superman that it's keeping him awake at night thinking about it.

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