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February 25, 2010: Confusion Reigns Over Superman Movie Rumors

Conflicting reports from various entertainment news sites are once again doing the rounds for a Superman movie. Much like the rumors that spread before "Superman Returns" was confirmed, today IGN.com and HitFix.com add fuel to the fire.

HitFix.com joins AICN in debunking the LatinoReview claim that Goyer is writing the script for a new Superman movie to be titled "The Man of Steel".

    All due respect to the guys at Latino Review, who are very good at breaking scoops, but according to my source, someone who absolutely is in a position to know if this has happened, David Goyer has not been hired, and they are not moving forward at the moment.

However IGN.com maintains that Goyer is not only writing the script, he's co-writing it with Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah...

    Goyer is in fact on the project, but not only that -- his The Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan will also be scripting Superman: The Man of Steel along with him. Nolan's brother Christopher is expected to only executive-produce, and not direct, the film. That said, he will be "hands-on" as a producer.

Seems that the "Truth" in "Truth, Justice and the American Way" is proving to be very elusive.

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