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December 6, 2010: Hans Zimmer Not Scoring Superman

Superman Movie News It appears that Thompson on Hollywood had it wrong. According to CinemaBlend.com Hans Zimmer says he's not going to be scoring the new Superman movie and that he has never even spoken to director Zack Snyder.

    According to the composer, he is the victim of an out-of-context quote that has attached him to project he has no dealings with. Continuing, Zimmer thinks that the whole situation was assumed to be true because of his connections with Nolan, but the truth is that he's never met Snyder (though he says that he "need[s] to give him a ring"). Then there's the whole matter of dealing with John Williams' iconic theme from the Richard Donner movies:

    "John Williams, the greatest living composer -- full stop. And that happens to be one of his greatest themes. So no. And I'm not thinking of rewriting Beethoven's ninth either. It just sounds like a thankless task, you know? So that's unequivocally a no. I have never spoken with Zack Snyder."

As always, any rumor you read about this new Superman movie should be taken with a grain of salt... Even so-called reputable sources (like Anne Thompson) can get it wrong from time to time.

Thanks to astro2010 for the lead on this news item.

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