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August 4, 2010: Should Brandon Routh Play Superman Again?

Brandon Routh Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch column has an article titled "Brandon Routh as Superman Again? Why Not?" in which they make the case for Routh to play the Man of Steel in Chris Nolan's upcoming film reboot:

    Everyone knows that Bryan Singer set out to make an homage to the original Superman movies; hence the deployment of John Williams' jaunty 1978 score, and the zombie digitization of the late Marlon Brando as Jor-El. That makes Superman Returns a dollhouse recreation of a '70s movie that was already a '30s pastiche. That's a lot of retro for one movie. When you throw in Routh, who eerily plays Christopher Reeve playing Superman playing Clark Kent, Superman Returns feels more like a missing chapter from Grindhouse than a movie with a fast-food tie-in.

According to the article, and as previously reported on the Superman Homepage, Routh would like to play Superman in Chris Nolan's planned reboot. The article states that Nolan's office had no comment. Read the entire article over at Entertainment Weekly.

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