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November 21, 2010: Christopher Reeve 12 inch Superman Action Figure

Action Figure Mattel has released details on the Christopher Reeve "Superman" 12 inch action figure to be released mid December.

    Arguably the definitive Superman figure in the collector-demanded 12" scale, this highly-articulated Movie Masters® figure is ready to fight for humanity in a film-accurate cloth replica of his uniform. Along with a completely new, more muscular physique that befits a hero of his stature, the son of Jor-El comes with interchangeable hands (flight and punching) and a piece of the Fortress of Solitude with removable information crystals.

With a US$60.00 price tag, the Chris Reeve "Superman" action figure is the second in a series of three action figures in this collection, which includes the previously announced General Zod action figure (also available from December 15th), and a Gene Hackman "Lex Luthor" action figure scheduled for release in Spring 2011.

Pre-order your Christopher Reeve "Superman" 12 inch action figure from MattyCollector.com.

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