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June 14, 2010: Nolan Talks Batman, Superman and 3D Movies

Christopher Nolan screened a double feature of his new film "Inception" with "The Dark Knight" at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles this past weekend, and GeekoSystem.com reports on some of the comments he made about Superman during a Q&A session.

  • Richard Donner's original Superman heavily influenced Nolan during the production of Batman Begins: "I literally pitched the studio my take on Batman by saying I wanted to make the Batman film that had never been made in 1978 or 1979." He was taken by the notion of "an extraordinary hero in an ordinary world."
  • He also talks about how the precedent for incredible ensemble casts, a normal occurence in today's superhero films, started with Superman and Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando, and Glenn Ford.
  • He says "obviously I'm not directing it" - is this a confirmation his duty remains only as producer?
  • He had been trying to decide on a direction for the next Batman film, when he and David Goyer decided "kind of out of the blue one day" that they had a "great idea" for the Superman property. Nolan says, "I just felt like I didn't want it to not get done," and convinced studios to set another film into motion.

Nolan went on to explain why he wasn't a big fan of the current 3D technology trend.

You can read the full report at GeekoSystem.com.

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