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July 21, 2010: LA Times Examines DC Superhero Movies

DC Comics The LA Times has published a lengthy article examining Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns, as the two aim to make DC Comics characters the next big thing for Warner Bros. films. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Among the DC properties [film group president Jeff] Robinov would like to see on the big screen after "Green Lantern" and Nolan's Superman are the Flash, Wonder Woman and the Justice League, which would pull together many big-name DC superheroes into a team. If that last movie does happen on the new team's watch, it would be a wry twist because Nelson and Johns got their posts in part because of a previous Justice League movie that was killed shortly before filming was to begin in 2008. It was one of several ill-fated projects, along with a comedic take on Green Lantern set to star Jack Black and a TV show featuring Batman sidekick Robin that didn't mesh with Nolan's movies.

Read the entire article at the LA Times website.

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