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March 19, 2010: Superman Movie to be 3D

ShoWest 2010, a movie theater industry trade show, took place in Las Vegas yesterday and Alan Horn, president of Warner Bros. Entertainment made some interesting announcements.

Horn announced that, with the Harry Potter franchise set to wrap up next year, the company is looking to their DC Comics characters as their next tentpole property.

SlashFilm.com reports that Horn also revealed that Warner Bros. would be releasing all their major films in 3D moving forward.

    Alan Horn announced at ShoWest that all the studios tentpole movies, superhero films, and big special effects releases, will be distributed in 3D. He called it the new standard for the company. And yes, he was clear that this includes all of the future DC Comic Books films. That means that the new Superman and third Batman will be released in 3D.

It looks like The Flash will finally make it to the big screen in his own movie, along with the third Batman film, in 2012.

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