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August 3, 2010: Zachary Levi Not in Contention for Man of Steel

Superman Movie News Eric Goldman of IGN confirms today the news that Zachary Levi, once thought to have auditioned for a role in the next Superman movie, is not in contention for the role - at least so far.

According to an article posted today, Levi addressed the rumor in person:

    "It's complete fiction. A bummer that it's complete fiction!" Levi recounted how he himself began hearing about it. "I start getting these text messages from my friends, saying, 'What is going on? You didn't tell us any of this!' And I'm asking, 'What are you talking about?' I get this link emailed to me from my publicist. She goes, 'Just so you know...' I go check it out, and of course, on the bottom of that article there's all these comments, and every other article that spawned off of that and all the comments on those sites."

For the rest, feel free to visit IGN.

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