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October 6, 2010: Superman Movie Inspired by "Birthright" Comic?

Superman Movie News New York Magazine's "Vulture" column claims that the up-coming Superman movie, written by David Goyer, is based around the premise that "Clark Kent is a journalist traveling the world trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman."

SlashFilm.com reacts to this news stating that this pitch isn't too far off the Mark Waid "Superman: Birthright" 12-issue miniseries published by DC Comics in 2003/2004.

    Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu, the story attempted to retell the Superman origin story for the 21st century. In the story. Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early twenties, traveling the world to cover news stories. While covering an ethnic conflict between the fictional Ghuri and Turaaba clans in West Africa, he is forced to use his super powers to attain a fleeing assassin. This results in Kent returning to Smallville to learn more about his alien heritage and make the decision to become Superman.

Vulture also claims the reason Warner Bros. picked Zack Snyder to direct this new Superman movie is because David Goyer's script is "a bit of a mess as it was rushed".

    Snyder is looked at [as] a man who can get the movie completed for 2012. You see, the studio doesn't have time to go through extensive rewrites as they need to get a new Superman movie in production by 2011 or they'll lose the rights to make said film.

Time will tell whether there's any truth to the script details and status as described above.

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