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August 11, 2010: DC Comics Documentary Coming November 2010

DC Comics Warner Home Video hosted a panel at San Diego Comic-Con dedicated to the premiere of a new documentary titled "Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics".

The website Comics Nexus was present at the panel and here is part of what they had to say about the documentary (being released direct-to-DVD in November 2010) which was shown at the panel:

    The film was narrated by Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds.

    The film featured a lot about the origins of Superman from creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and how the hero came to be at DC, as well as how Bob Kane and Bill Finger came up with Batman as a response. It also went in to Wonder Woman's creation and how she became a feminist icon.

    The film also tended to focus a lot on DC heroes in other media, especially Batman and Superman. In particular the movie craze eras of both 197[8's] "Superman" film and 1989′s "Batman" received significant attention. The Comics Code Authority struggle of the 1950s is also heavily featured as well as Denny O'Neill's classic "Green Lantern / Green Arrow" run.

    One of the most touching moments in the film comes when discussing the "Death of Superman" storyline from the early '90s. Louise Simonson, who wrote part of the event, was interviewed and asked about the motivations behind the story. She was so moved by the thought of a world with out Superman that she burst in to tears. Her emotional attachment to Superman was so great that she couldn't even bring herself to think about when they had to kill the heroic icon.

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