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February 27, 2010: Jonah Nolan to Direct Superman Movie?

The rumor train keeps chugging along... The latest from IESB.net is that the reason Chris Nolan is acting in a "godfather" role for the next Superman movie is because his younger brother will be making his directorial debut on "The Man of Steel".

    So we know David Goyer and Jonah Nolan are writing The Man of Steel and Batman 3. We're hearing outta Burbank a key reason behind Chris' "Godfather" role is to help out li'l brother Jonah. "Why's that?" you ask. Because latest rumblings peg him to sit in the director's chair for the Superman reboot.

    This, of course, would mark his directorial debut after working with his brother on three Batman films, The Prestige and not to mention his (ultimately un-credited) stint on Terminator: Salvation and writing Interstellar for Steven Spielberg. Jonah's a solid writer, for sure. But making your first feature a no-doubt $200 million+ blockbuster tentpole with the intention of sequels down the line? Of course, this could just be a part of somebody's wish list - maybe the studio or maybe "Godfather" Nolan.

You can check out the complete article at IESB.net.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the lead on this rumor.

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