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November 23, 2010: DiCaprio Persuaded Efron Away From Superman

Zac Efron ShowBizSpy.com claims that we can add Zac Efron to the list of actors who have supposedly turned down the opportunity to play Superman, because Leonardo DiCaprio advised him against it.

    The High School Musical star was in line for a new movie version of the Man of Steel until the Titanic actor stepped in.

    "Zac feels he's very much following in the footsteps of Leo and respects his opinion," a source said. "He didn't turn Superman down because of him but Leo was unsure whether it would be the best move for him.

    "It's a massive franchise. Zac is now chasing more dramatic roles in independent movies."

Who knows, maybe Zack figured adding a Zac to the movie would just confuse things.

Source: ShowBizSpy.com.

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