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January 26, 2010: Brandon Routh Talks About Returning to Superman

IESB.net interviewed Brandon Routh about his acting roles in both the TV series "Chuck" and his up-coming film "Dead of Night". Here's an excerpt from the interview where he discusses returning to the role of Superman...

    IESB: Have you heard anything at all on the status of the Superman franchise? Is that something that you want to go back to?

    Brandon: I would love to go back to Superman. As I have matured, as a person and as an actor, I feel like I have a lot more to give and would love to revisit the character, if I am given that opportunity. That was an amazing experience for me, and I look forward to doing it again, if I have the opportunity. And if not, then I move on and continue on. I'm grateful for all the other opportunities that I have and for the great films that I have coming out this year.

    IESB: So you haven't actually heard anything from them, at this point?

    Brandon: No, I have not.

Check out the complete interview at IESB.net.

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