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February 9, 2010: "Superman/Batman - Journey to the Dark Side"?

There's speculation going around that Warner Bros. will be releasing a sequel to the top-selling "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" animated movie later this year. The following information was posted to the MillarWorld boards...

    Since we all know the hot-selling Superman/Batman: Public Enemies was a hit on sales. It seems DC will make sequels out of that series instead of the other line of stories they could have used.

    So the German site for WB products shows that September would be releasing Superman/Batman - Journey to the Dark Side.

    Now there is no storyline like that in the comics, but will they take inspiration from the Loeb stories like they did in the first movie? Is the second one going to be the Michael Turner penciled "The Supergirl From Krypton" with some of the most iconic villains out there? From Darkseid to Female Furies!

    Or will they make their own story or adapt plenty of stories from Superman/Batman book?

I can't verify whether the above information is indeed correct, as the German site doesn't currently have that information on their site. However I am awaiting word from my sources within Warner Bros. to find out one way or the other.

Thanks to Eli Gutierrez for the lead on this info.

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