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November 1, 2010: Mark Waid Talks Superman Movies

Birthright ComicBookResources.com conducted an interview with comic book writer Mark Waid at Saturday's Long Beach Comic Con, and, amongst other things, asked him about his thoughts on Superman movies.

    As a Superman fan, what are your thoughts on the 5 Superman movies to date, and what would you like to see in [Zack] Snyder's film?

    Waid: First, I'd like to see "Superman Birthright" in Zack Snyder's film. [Audience laughs] You know what else I'd like to see in Superman in Zack's film? Brandon Routh, because I thought he was a great Superman. I really thought he nailed it.

    The first one changed my life, second one I have grown to appreciate even though at the time it crushed me because it was more of a comedy. Third one I loved at the time. It led to my first angry meeting with John Byrne; I stood in line at a convention to get his signature on something, I was still a fan, and I had just seen "Superman III" and liked some of the stuff in it, and I mentioned it to John Byrne and it didn't go well. He started screaming at me, and that scarred me for life. I'm just a guy in line! Don't yell at me for liking "Superman III!" Yes, it sucks in retrospect, but I was like 17, I didn't know! [Audience laughs]

    And then the fourth one, the fourth one kills me. I was there on opening day at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. I was going to move cross-country to take the job at DC Comics as an editor, and I told them I couldn't start until Monday 'cause I have to drive out and be there on Friday for the premiere of this movie. I've got to be there. It's the world premiere. So I went in all full of expectation and I came out a wrecked man. [Audience laughs] Not what I expected. And I'm the one guy who a) likes "Superman Returns" and b) I think that history will judge it more kindly than it was judged at the time.

Read the complete interview at ComicBookResources.com.

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