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January 27, 2010: Matthew Bomer Recalls Superman Screen Test

MTV's SplashPage interviewed Matthew Bomer about his TV series "White Collar", and also asked him about almost being Superman in the never-made Brett Ratner helmed Superman film.

    "I actually screen-tested for Superman, and there was a time when Brett Ratner and I were going to work together on it," Bomer told MTV News. "That particular incarnation of that franchise sort of fell apart, and then it became a whole different beast."

    "I was in full tights," he laughed when asked how much of the costume he had donned for his screen test. "I was rocking the tights, the speedo, all of it."

    "It was really surreal," he added. "As a kid, you grow up idolizing superheroes, and to be in that garb was really fun and surreal and humbling. ... It was a really great experience, and one that I'm really thankful for. I got to live out a childhood fantasy, if only for the period of the screen test."

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You can watch the video interview and read the complete report at MTV.com.

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