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December 5, 2011: "Man of Steel" Filming, Michael Shannon and Hans Zimmer

Man of Steel "Autumn Frost" signs (the code name for "Man of Steel") have been spotted on Willingdon Ave and Goard Way near the British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby campus indicating that filming continues in Canada throughout December.

The Province has published an interview with Michael Shannon where he talks about his work playing Zod on "Man of Steel" and what director Zack Snyder is like.

    Can you tell me anything about the movie you're making now?

    Man of Steel? It's about Superman, I can tell you that. It's pretty hush-hush, it's a reboot going back to the origins of Superman.

    And you've been in it throughout, from the beginning?

    We started doing preparations in the spring, learning stunts and stuff, and we started shooting towards the end of July. We were in Illinois for a couple of months then we wound up here in Vancouver.

    I was at Zack Snyder's Watchmen set, and I was out to Sucker Punch. It's like his brain explodes on soundstages, huge design-heavy sets. He must be an interesting guy to work with from an actor's perspective.

    Oh, he's a prince, one of the sweetest people I've ever met in this business. Very warm-hearted individual and very creative.

    Always wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I notice.

    Yeah, he doesn't wear a suit to work, which is nice. He blends in, he likes to feel, to be one of the guys, one of the crew, but he's able to do that without losing his authority. He doesn't really crack the whip, he's friendly and because he's friendly people want to make him happy.

    I met one of your predecessors as General Zod, Terence Stamp, and he said the one thing he remembered about that Superman was the wire work. He was taking pilates decades later for back problems after he'd been haning in a harness for hours on that movie.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Stamp, they didn't have CGI back then. I'm being spared a lot of drudgery that he had to endure. From time to time I'm in a harness, but I don't think anywhere near as much as he was. It's no secret that a lot of the film is going to be assisted by computer designed animation.

In other news, ScreenRant.com reports that composer Hans Zimmer told media at a recent press junket that he may not end up working on "Man of Steel".

    Zimmer said that Man of Steel is "in direct [scheduling] conflict" with another project he is working on; so, while he may ultimately work on that Snyder-directed film, Zimmer is not actively involved with the creative process on that comic book flick (for the time being).

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