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July 21, 2011: "Man of Steel" Countdown - Part 6

Man of Steel Superman Homepage staff writer Jeffrey Taylor has submitted his sixth installment to Movies.com following the progression of the "Man of Steel" film starring Henry Cavill...

    If the 007 formula can result in a new film every few years, why can't an even more well-known character like Superman do the same? Sometimes, the films will do as well at the box office as Thunderball and sometimes as poorly as License to Kill. Sometimes you'll get the gross of Superman: The Movie and sometimes you'll end up with the numbers of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

    Warner Brothers can follow these guidelines and keep the franchise running by making quality films. The only reason a Superman movie will fail is if it's done poorly or incorrectly. Blaming the character for box office losses is simply misguided. Even MGM seemed to wonder if James Bond had lost his relevance and popularity after License to Kill in 1989, but all they had to do was find Pierce Brosnan and Martin Campbell to put out GoldenEye and excite people again.

Read Jeffrey's complete "Man of Steel" Countdown column at Movies.com.

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