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September 25, 2011: "Man of Steel" Rumor on Jor-El's Appearance

Jor-El NukeTheFridge.com claims to have received word from a reliable source who says they've seen concept art of what Jor-El will look like in the "Man of Steel" film.

    Let me start of by saying that it looks NOTHING like Brando's version of Superman's daddy.

    Jor-El is wearing a goldish/white armored suit that looks almost like the one in the video game Halo. The suit has the traditional "S" is the middle of his chest and it blends in with the color scheme of the suit. Jor-EL looks more like a soldier than a scientist.

    Crowe's head is completely exposed and HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE STAR WARS EPISODE 2's Obi-Wan with the beard and hair. The only difference is that Crowe's hair looks darker. If I didn't know that Crowe was cast for the part I would have sworn it was Ewan McGregor.

Obviously this is an unsubstantiated rumor at this point in time.

Thanks to superherofan101 for the lead on this info.

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