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March 3, 2011: "Superman Requiem" Fan Film Needs Your Help

Superman Requiem The filmmakers on "Superman Requiem", the up-coming independent fan film put together by writer, producer, and director Gene Fallaize, are seeking help from Superman fans. Here's a message from the team:

    Because of the fan-film nature of the project, we are unable to pay those involved, or obtain formal finance, so everyone involved in the project is giving their time and talent free of charge. What we do need funds for, however, is for the hiring of equipment, and to pay for VFX shots (including flying), as well as to cover various expenses for locations, cast, and crew.

    So far we have implemented all aspects of the production with zero budget, and our intention is to keep the figure as low as possible, so that we can put as much money on the screen as possible, by putting more into the visual effects and post production process. If we do not reach the entire goal, the production will continue regardless, but to enable us to deliver the completed picture before the end of 2011, we need to get the funds in place.

    We are opening up several perks in return for investment to those who are either looking for a 'break' in the film industry, be it as a producer, an actor, or any other role, but also for anyone who wants to be part of a Superman film. Weather you're a fan of the comic-books, the movies, the TV shows, or just someone that wants to be involved, we have packages that we hope will suit anyone. In return we are offering credits (among other perks) that will be featured in the film, as well as being listed on IMDb*. If this sounds good to you, please get involved.

You can help out by visiting the "Superman: Requiem" page at IndieGoGo.com.

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