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June 18, 2011: Extended 3D Tribute to Christopher Reeve

In April 2010 we showcased a omputer generated animation created by Superman fan Francesco Accattatis as a tribute to the late, great Christopher Reeve. Francesco has recently expanded his tribute into a longer 5 minute version which we felt was worth sharing.

    This is a personal tribute to the unforgettable performance of Christopher Reeve, as he portrayed the legendary icon of Superman in the motion pictures.

    He shown us the guiding light, by fighting with all his very strength to win the battle against the casualties of life that brought him to a wheelchair after an accident in the late years.

    His life is a symbol, a metaphor to remind everyone of us that we are all fragile human beings, but our souls are capable to fly at the highest level.

    Thank you Christopher, we will always remember you...

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