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October 12, 2011: Michael Shannon Feeling the Pressure

Michael Shannon Michael Shannon spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times about winning the role of General Zod for "Man of Steel" and what it's like working on the film. Here's a portion of the article...

    "Man of Steel" is a dream - and gives him some pause. "Doing a Superman film is a lot of pressure," he says. "People love this story. It's already very obvious that there are a lot of people keeping an eye on us.

    "People on the Internet are already discussing various aspects of the movie even though we're not even finished filming it yet."

    On the set, he says, "It's a fun film to work on. You get to use your imagination a lot. It's like being a little kid playing around in outer space."

    He's emphasizing the military side of General Zod. "I'm trying not to affect an attitude in him," he says. "I see him as someone who is very goal-orientated. After all, he's a general. He has strategies."

    Russell Crowe is Jor-El, the role played by Marlon Brando in 1978.

    "Russell's a very nice guy," Shannon says. "We've hung out between takes in Vancouver and go out for dinner. We even go to the gym together, which is funny. It's the guy trying to save his planet and the guy trying to destroy it."

Read the complete article at the Chicago Sun-Times website.

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