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March 22, 2011: Snyder Says No Viggo Mortensen and Talks Filming Schedule

Superman Movie News LatinoReview.com also spoke with director Zack Snyder at his recent press day for his new film "Sucker Punch" and asked him a series of questions about his Superman movie. Here are a few excerpts from the interview...

    Is Viggo Mortensen still a person of interest in Superman now that he's locked into Snow White?

    Zack Snyder: Yeah Viggo is not going to be in the movie let's say that right now. I can clear that up.

    Can you elaborate where you are at with the film?

    Zack Snyder: Yeah, we're just in pre-production right now, we're working every day trying to get it together and it's looking awesome and we are going to probably start shooting at the end of the summer.

Read the complete interview at LatinoReview.com.

Listen to an audio snippet from the Fox "All Access" interview with Zack Snyder where he talks about this new movie not being related to any previous Superman films.

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