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September 7, 2011: Henry Cavill on Talking with an American Accent

Henry Cavill Total Film magazine has an interview with British actor Henry Cavill in which they ask him about having to speak with an American accent for his role as Clark Kent/Superman in "Man of Steel".

    "Doing an American accent is about exercising the muscles in your throat and your mouth. Sometimes it can sound great for a long period of time, sometimes your inflection is wrong. It all depends. As long as you've got a professional watching over you saying, "You did this wrong, you did that wrong..." it can be made to seem effortless. But you still get days when it just seems to stick in your mouth."

    "I've been told I can be very good at it... but I know I've been very bad at it in the past!"

You can read the complete interview in the October edition of Total Film magazine (issue #185) available on newsstands now.

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