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September 9, 2011: "Superman: The Golden Child" Fan Film Casting Continues

The Golden Child A reminder that "Superman: The Golden Child", a fan film about the Man of Steel which is close to completing pre-production for a release in the U.S. summer of 2012, is now in casting mode with many roles already cast. However they are seeking actors for roles such as Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and a few minor roles.

    The Golden Child is an ambitious SUPERMAN fan film, written and will be directed/produced by Andrew List. The film is going to be set in present day. It will feature many familiar elements that stay true to the legend. However, it will also have many creative liberties and realistic interpretations. When a disaster threatens the city of Metropolis, Superman shows himself to the world. After his arrival one person is blinded by jealousy and attempts to stop Superman once and for all. How will the Man of Steel cope when he's consumed a lethal dose of liquid Kryptonite!

Anyone interested in being considered for the cast should check out the "Cast & Crew" section of the website at SupermanGC.com.

Shown (above right) is a teaser image of the Superman suit being used in the film.

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