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November 7, 2011: Henry Cavill on Zack Snyder and Training for "Man of Steel"

Man of Steel Henry Cavill has participated in a number of interviews ahead of this week's release of his new film "Immortals", telling the San Francisco Chronicle what it's like working with different directors like Tarsem Singh and Zack Snyder.

    Despite Tarsem and Snyder both being known primarily for their rich cinematic visuals, Cavill says the experience of working with each is very different.

    "While Zack is very stylized; Tarsem is very artistic. Not to say Zack isn't artistic ... OK, watching that HDTV," he says, motioning to a screen in the room, "which is a masterwork in itself and seeing that painting on the wall, which is a masterwork in itself - they are both beautiful, they both affect you, and they are so entirely different. Like Zack is the TV and Tarsem the painting."

Cavill also told the Vancouver Sun that his training for "Immortals" started six months before filming even started...

    Apparently, his Man of Steel workouts are even more intense than the Immortals regimen.

    "Every day (in Vancouver), it is 3 a.m. to train and 5 a.m. to go to work," he said.

In regards to how he copes with internet criticism Cavill told LA's Daily News that he tries to "block it out"...

    "You have to. Especially when it comes to whatever people want to say, and everyone's entitled to express their opinions. But you never know where an opinion's coming from or why it's coming in such a way. Sometimes it can affect you, certainly, so you have to be capable of taking everything with a pinch of salt.

    "The nice stuff is nice. But it's like training. When you're training really, really hard and you're trying to achieve a certain look for your body, you look in the mirror and you ignore the good stuff because that's taken care of. It's only the stuff which you haven't quite got yet which you're panicking about. The same goes for any kind of Internet response or public response to a performance or the way I'm coming across."

"Immortals" opens in cinemas around the world on November 11.

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